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How much is a Virtual Receptionist?

Can’t answer every call?
Our Virtual Receptionists can.

You get a team of UK-based Virtual Receptionists who will:

  1.  Answer all your business calls during the hours you set
  2.  Capture the caller’s name, contact details and message
  3.  Send all the information to your inbox

Pay just £25 a month plus £1.10 per call.

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Pay £1 and get 1 month's subscription & 20 calls free

Virtual reception service for phone answering services
One month trial Try before you buy with our 1-month Virtual Receptionist trial
CANCEL ANY TIME We offer monthly rolling subscriptions so you have the flexibility to cancel any time
Pay as you go Pay as you go with a low-cost virtual reception plan of £25 per month plus £1.10 per call
UK-BASED Receptionists Our receptionists are 100% UK-based to better serve your UK-based customers

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

Your virtual receptionist will answer your business calls so that your team can focus on what they do best.

Our team of UK-based receptionists will answer your calls with your company name as if they slowly work for your business. Then they will send you the caller’s contact details and message to your email inbox.

You can even manage the hours your reception works, what information they give your callers and more with 24/7 access to your client portal.

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How a virtual receptionist helped Broadwalk Property Co.

We spoke to the award-winning Boardwalk Property Co’s Director, Nick Stopard, about how working with Virtually There transformed his agency.

What problems did they face before using our virtual receptionists?

“Our phones were constantly ringing. Our team were caught between answering unknown calls or doing the work that really added value to the business.

We always had to have agents in-office, so that we could make sure we picked up any leads. But this was limiting our growth and how many clients we could feasibly take on.

Once introduced to Virtually There’s call answering services, it was a no-brainer that their virtual reception would free up our team. And, while being hugely cost-effective”.

How did a virtual reception help your business?

“Virtually There’s virtual reception acted as an extension of our team. 

They took calls, answered common FAQs and transferred only what we classified as important calls to specific agents’ mobiles, so we could always balance great customer service to every caller with a personal touch with our existing clients”.

How did our virtual receptionists integrate with your business?

“If all our team were out doing valuations, viewings, or otherwise out of the office, our virtual receptionists would take a message, email the details through and put new leads straight into our CRM.

Working with Virtually There offered an affordable reception which helped us maximise our viewings, valuations and other critical tasks”.

Would you recommend a virtual recpetion to other businesses?

“A virtual reception, for me…I wish I had discovered them earlier. They really did work as an extension of our business. You wouldn’t know they were not our in-house staff. 

Ultimately, we converted more leads, took on more clients and schedule more viewing and valuations each week. 

I would definitely recommend a virtual reception”.

24/7 Admin Heaven

Our Virtually There Portal gives you round-the-clock control of your reception

Manage your phone answering service anytime from anywhere with our Virtually There Portal.

With a click of a button and using a secure log-in, you can:

  • View every call record and message you receive in real-time
  • Edit your call answering script and reception instructions in seconds
  • Monitor weekly call volumes and spend
  • Upgrade and amend your plan
  • Identify when your business is at its busiest
  • View your invoices
  • Update your account information

Take a look around

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FAQs to help you choose

What is a Virtual Receptionist?

A Virtual Receptionist supports your business by answering your calls, taking the caller’s contact details and messages, and sharing all the information with you via email. This service is available for £25 per month with a cost per call of £1.10. Your first month is just £1 with 20 calls for free. 

What is the difference between a Virtual Receptionist, a Virtual Switchboard and a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A Virtual Receptionist will answer your calls, collect the caller’s name, contact details and reasons for calling, and share the details with you straight away.

With a Virtual Switchboard, your receptionist will answer your business calls and qualify the caller before transferring them to your most appropriate team member. If they are unable to take the call, then your receptionist will take a message and send you the details.

With a Virtual Personal Assistant, you get all of the above, plus live call forwarding to your staff, appointment booking, calendar management, and more.


Are your receptionists and personal assistants based in the UK?

Yes, all of our Virtual Receptionists and Virtual Personal Assistants are based in the UK.

Can you answer my calls only when I am busy?

Yes. You can schedule when to divert your calls through to us, so we handle your calls instead. Follow our call divert guide to find out how.

Can I have my calls transferred to me or my staff?

Yes. With a Virtual Personal Assistant, all calls you receive can be transferred to the appropriate staff member as per your instructions. Any calls you don’t want to take right away will be handled by our receptionists. They will collect the caller’s contact info and message, and share the details with you.

How do you know how to handle my calls?

Our smart tech instantly recognises when your number is being called and automatically sends it to your Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Personal Assistant. On their screen will appear your business profile, with your script, business information, instructions and more.

How do you know when the call is for me?

Our smart tech automatically recognises your number and sends the call straight to your Virtual Receptionist or Virtual Assistant. In a flash, they receive all of your information before the call even rings.

How do you work out my monthly bill?

Our Virtual Receptionist service is a PAYG service. You pay a monthly subscription of £25 per month, plus £1.10 for every call. The total charge for your calls is added to your monthly bill.

What happens if two calls come in at the same time?

If you receive multiple calls simultaneously, our smart tech will divert your incoming call to one of our other experienced receptionists. Your company details and call script will display on their screen, giving them all the info they need to manage the call the way you have instructed.

Can I get a regional phone number?

Yes. You can choose a local phone number from across the UK.

What is the difference between a Virtual Office and a Registered Company Address?

A Virtual Office is a trading address for you to use on your business website, marketing materials, invoices, business cards, directories and more. A Registered Company Address is your company’s official address given when registering your company with Companies House. You can use our business addresses for both purposes by selecting the Registered Company Address addon when subscribing to a Virtual Office.

Why should we choose Virtually There’s call answering services?

Virtually There offer the lowest-priced call answering services in the UK. This is backed up by our industry-leading smart tech and Virtually There Portal that gives you full control. For more reasons why over 3,000 UK businesses prefer our services, visit our call answering page.

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